Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pregnant Goaty!

It looks Like El Cerro Wind in the Willows is pregnant. She did not go into heat. I will watch her closely all day today to make sure but there is no signs of heat with her. We will be watching Joie tomorrow and Thursday to see what happens with her. I hope this means we will have two sets of babies come Mid - February. If we can swing it we may ultrasound when the girls go in for their testing. We will be testing for TB/Bruc. thru the vet and will be doing a herd CAE here
from home as soon as I get all the info and our intructor comes to show us how to do blood draws. Hoping for another NEG year for entire herd. We should have our certified herd status this winter. Also wanted to Thank everyone who bought goat's from us this year. We are so pleased with the good homes we got for our babies. Thank you all for blessing us with homes for the babies, and new friends we've made. Hope to see all of you next year on the show circuit and through 4H with expanding herds and a bunch of winners!

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