Thursday, April 23, 2009

HOME again!

After a little more that 48 hours in the hospital we are home again. It was pretty much like the last two times. They began the chemo - several hours after finishing she got sick and then once the anti nausea drugs kicked in she was out like a light - I'm not used to that much quiet for that long - it was almost un- nerving but I ended up reading and beading. It was nice. Once she started to wake up she was back on the chemo drugs. She slept thru the night and was pretty bright eyed this morning. Dr. Heideman thought she looked well enough to go home and as soon as everything was loaded in the car it was off to home for us. We've been home for about 4 hours now. Feels so good to be here. I had to cry because the realization that this was probably our last hospitalization for chemo is beginning to set in. It all kind of seems like a bad dream (bad enough to make me really have a bad dream our first night in the hospital that all 3 of my kids had Lymphoma - that is a nightmare!!!!!) I am exhausted tired from lack of sleep tuesday night but i'm going to bed way early tonight. This weekend is my son's birthday and I'd like to at least not be cranky and tired for that!!!! LOL. As usual we have been well taken care of thanks to the amazing organization skills of Linda and the kindness of our friends and family.
I heard too that two more of Storm's kids have been born (if this is a repeat - forgive - sometimes I forget that I've already posted something) , doe/buck twins. I cannot wait to go out to Camino Allegre and take pics for our progeny page that we are planning for the website and the herdbook.
Well, that's about all I have tonight. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Thank you Martins again for the wonderful tacos, The Valentino's for the wonderful pasta and salad. and Kim and Joe for the Pot Pie and canteloup - YUMMY!!!! Also the Goldsmith's for the ice cream. you all are just awesome!

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