Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For Sale - Doeling

This little peanut is temporarily being called Tinker Bell due to her very small size. Despite her tiny stature, she is one of the widest babies out there in the back end. I so wish I could keep them all but I have to restrain myself. My daughter Aly picked out one she loves and I have my sights set on another doe (but that is another post)
Tinker Bell is a Chocolate buckskin with only a white topknot. She is out of CBF Ent's Whistling Dixie and Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm. Strait legs, Level topline and wide escutceon area is what I'm seeing out of this little doe - She is being partially bottle fed as her mom just isn't making enough for all three babies = She's a little fiesty thing tho, when the other mom's aren't paying attention she just goes up and nurses. PLUS she's getting 4 bottles per day. I believe she will make someone a very precious doeling with her fiesty attitude and she's a snuggle bug to boot!!!!

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