Sunday, April 26, 2009

Update for week of April 27

This week we are going to have several things going on. Monday and Thursday are blood draws and on Tuesday we have Alyssa is having her Vincristine administered. This is the one that makes her hurt so bad but thankfully we know what helps her feel better so we will take her Oxycodone with us on Tuesday. It will be so nice to be done with all of this. Alyssa says she is getting a metallic taste in her mouth now from the treatment. Most food doesn't taste good to her. It is soooo hard to get her to eat because so many things taste funny.
Today was Nik's birthday and her is saving all his birthday cash for a Nintendo DSi.
We celebrated at home so as not to overdo Alyssa's energy levels. Poor Nik wanted to go to Red Robin and to a movie! But we will put that off. Thankfully with the icky stuff (blood draws, chemo treatments, CT scans etc.) there are some good stuff scattered in - we just found out the Make a Wish Foundation is coming over on Wed to talk to Alyssa about her WISH. Then on the 16th of May there is a foundation that pays for the UNM peds Oncology kids to go to Cliff's Amusement Park. That will be so much fun.
Well, I guess I will sign off for now - please pray for the Vincristine appt to go smoothly and for the blood draws to go well (no TPA appts etc.!!!)
Nothing new on the goat front except I shaved the buck - I'll do that as a separate post.

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