Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maybe back to the Hospital

If all goes according to plan - we will be back to the hospital tomorrow. Of course you know how plans are - I came down with this nasty cold on Monday morning and Alyssa complained of a sore throat this morning. I've been giving her EmergenC and Zicam. Trying to hedge off this thing. I've been Cloroxing the house and being on the kids about hand sanitizer, not sharing cups and stuff - IT isn't working! How frustrating. I have a call into the clinic to see what they want to do about this so I don't know if we will be going in or not. I know Alyssa doesn't want to go but we both want to just get the last treatment (we hope) over with!!!! We already have a follow up CT scan and a follow up chest Xray scheduled for the week of May 4th. WE did have our blood draw this morning so I expect the clinic will wait to have those results before they make a decision regarding her treatment. Please pray that this cold never really takes hold for her and that she can just go get this over with. I know it would be horrible to have this cold and go into the hospital and have to deal with a cold AND all the chemo side effects. Plus I guess they'll keep us in isolation too to make sure no one else gets exposed to this nasty thing. For those of you praying for my Ultrasound results - I still haven't heard back from Dr Spafford about the results. (NO news is good news??????)
On a positive note - my buck had two more kids yesterday - twin blue eyed doelings out of Camino Alegre's Tinker Bell who is also out of our lines (CBF Entei X CBF Serendipidy's Laikla).
The family who had the babies is excited and they have 3 more does due to Storm - could have a whole slew of blue eyed doelings since that seems to be what Storm is throwing this year!!!! I know Camino Allegre is considering selling some of these babies so if you want some blue eyed does out of good milking lines - here's your chance!!! I promise I will get pictures when I can and post them - I should do a whole page of Storm's offspring so folks can see them!!! He sure is a producer of does! I am very happy with this little buck. He will remain her for at least one more year if not much longer. He and some of our does will be showing at the May show (May 2 &3) at the Expo NM Livestock Pavillion.

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Leslee said...

I have the same nasty cold! Must be something going around. I never get sick unless I go home, then I get horribly sick and people think I have a weak immune system... when really I just get exposed to "new" germs when I go home! How frustrating. I am sorry you guys don't feel well and I will pray you all feel better soon! Love you.