Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Feel Like Crying.

Here we are, back at UNMH, presumably for our last treatment. We've been doing
Chemo since around 3:30pm (they decided that if we start earlier we might get to go home earlier - I agree!!!) Alyssa and I were changed into our jammies just relaxing and hanging out
I'm beading and Aly is watching NCIS. I had just hung up the phone from talking to my family and saying goodnight. In walks in admitting and they want us to pay a $150 copay. ARE THEY KIDDING? At 9pm? IN my jammies just before Alyssa is going to get sick from the chemo (usually 3 hours after the last drug is administered though we started early tonight.) Talk about catching someone unawares. I mean, this is our 4th admission and they've never ever done this before so why now and why this late at night (turns out admitting is open 24/7) I guess they've changed policies and they are being asked to make sure folks pay their copays when they check in - hence the episode leading me to be escorted down to admitting at 9:30 at night. It's not that it that big of a deal but I knew these things were coming and I guess it caught me off guard. After the stress of the day - I just feel like crying. I just want to be here with my precious daughter to help her through these rough spots......not running around UNMH late at night paying bills. GRRRRRRR!!!
On a more positive note - this is our last treatment, Alyssa got the Suite (the Princess is getting the royal treatment) You should see this room - It's HUGE. It's got two windows and two extra beds in it. Very roomy...apparently this is the room the kids request (hm. no one told us that we could request a room!) Anyway. We also ran into K. Yep he's here again (every week are his treatments) he updated us on his lung surgery (the last time we were here he was coming out of surgery) and it turns out the nodules were nothing more than some scar tissue (praise GOD!!!!)
and he only has 5 more treatments after this one because his last evaluations showed a 90% or more reduction in cancer cells (another Praise!!!!!) I am Thanking our Father for answered prayer for K. I also heard that M is doing pretty good as well. GOOD NEWS!!!
Well, we are going to try to hit the hay soon and hope the anti-nausea drugs keep the nausea at bay and we can get some sleep!
Please pray for our friends the A family - their daughter is going to have to go back to Ohio for another "reconstruction" and to help her be better able to care for herself. It apparently is going to be a MAJOR surgery for this little 5 year old - they will have to spend about 2 months in Ohio for the surgery and recovery. i know this will be hard on the family and on this precious little one. Please pray for them all. Also, they have a young pregnant goat who is having some problems and they are very worried about their little one. This a very beloved family pet. (all of their animals are of cours - like ours!) Please pray they are able to find out what is wrong with their doe and that she will be fine and deliver her babies safely in one month.....
thank you all for letting me unload. Just had to get that off my chest.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Unload away, my friend. I can totally empathize with you.

My surgery happened so fast after my diagnosis 4 months ago, that I on day was spent doing all the pre-surgery paperwork for my surgery THE FOLLOWING DAY...and then they demanded the $300 Co-Pay or else I couldn't go through with the surgery.

I was crying like a baby. We don't have credit cards and we don't keep $300 laying around. If I didn't go through with the surgery that next day, they would make me wait 4 weeks because they were so booked up!
I was in so much pain, just moving made me want to scream and cry.
I was terrified!

Thankfully, the Dr's Assistant saw how distraught John and I were and after talking with the Dr's and admitting, they worked out a deal where we could pay half right then and half when we arrived for surgery....then we had to go home scramble to find the money. It was horrible.

And now I've had to cut back on my physical therapy because each visit is $25, and we just can't swing $75 a week for 3 times a week visits.
So now my healing is slowed down, but we still have thousands of dollars of bills from my one 'little' fall. gah!

Hospital stuff is so overwheleming!

Hang in there, k?

I'll keep ya all in my prayers.


D. said...

So nice to know that someone understands - It all seems so insensitive. I mean you know they want you to pay what it owed but their timing couldn't be worse. Sorry you had to go through the same crap girlfriend. what can ya do - you can't just not deal with what life throws ya!!!!