Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a GREAT Day!!!!

Today started off a bit on the rough side, as I posted earlier she was sick and very exhausted from the treatment last night. She slept most of the day and my mom relieved me so I could go to the goat show for a while. Storm didn't do well in the first show - no big surprise - he was his big ol' stinky, hairy self. We shaved off enough to where you could actually see how nice looking he was and he took Sr. Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Buck in the 2nd show under Judge Gary Whitehead. SO excited! To make matters even better I got back to the hospital to a wide awake, smily and even a tad perky daughter!!!! She is still tired but she's doing much better this time around than she did last time. Certainly was the cherry on top of the Sundae!!!
Thank you all for all of your prayers, we are definitely getting positive answers and are being held up in HIS strength! Peace is flowing over us
Thank you to whoever brought dinner to my family (sorry my brain is fuzzy from lack of sleep last night and I know I was told but can't remember) To KF for taking my stinky little guy to the
show and to SH for showing him in the first show. To all the folks who donated stuff to the fundraiser at the show and to all those who participated! What a huge blessing it all was and to be there to enjoy everyone's company!

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