Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday - thankfully - was a much more uneventful day in that it took the nurse one try and we had her blood drawn (yippee!) and her blood counts are starting to drop so we move into the "hang out at home and try NOT to let her around any illnesses. She didn't have to take any pills either so we are done with that until next week. Just had to give the GCSF shot and then today we go into the clinic for a Shot of Vincristine (another Chemo drug that is given 8 days after the first administration)
Again we are being well taken care of - we get to come home to some yummy chicken, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, corn and cookies from the J Family (Thank you so much!!!!) She's been getting a card every day (Thank you Aunt N for the cards) in the mail which is such a bright spot.
We are really struggling to get school in for her with all the wierd side effects - she feels ick (not nauseous or anything really bad - just ick) most of the time. She does school when she can but sometimes she just can't. I don't know how kids who go to Public School deal with this. Yesterday her stomach hurt most of the day and she's had headaches on and off. The GCSF makes her bones a bit achy (I think she's getting an inkling of how us oldsters feel on a daily basis - LOL!)
A dear friend from the goat world stopped by yesterday (she is a Breast Cancer Survivor!) and her best advice to us was "one day at a time" I am so glad that she came and Alyssa and her got to swap "war stories" - They both agree the Barium stuff you take for CT scans is the worst stuff invented by man!!!! I laughed when she said she picks banana flavor because she's afraid that
she will loose her taste for ice cream if she picks vanilla!!!!! God is so good to put these dear folks in our lives with all the rest so that Alyssa can see and hear that folks make it thru this and live to tell but they don't sugar coat the experience! God is so good to give us so many friends who are survivors!!!!
Prayer Requests - That Alyssa and the family are able to go thru the low blood count days protected from illnesses and that her counts don't drop real low - we hope with the GCSF they won't. Also pray for the T Family and the M family. The T family still struggle with the after affects of cancer (Lymphedema and having to sell all her dearly beloved animals) and the M Family's Sister in law had an aneurism/strokes recently and they are trying to make sure she's taken care of!!!!
Praise Reports - Today is the last treatment of this round, WE look forward to a few weeks of peace before we hit round 2.
Thank you - Aunt N for the lovely card and all your thought and care, the J Family for the lovely meal for tonight after our hospital visit. Also to TM for the gift -I can't thank you enough.
The T Family for all the encouragement, advice and friendship. Lisa from Laughing Orca Ranch for all the fun and encouraging comments on our blog - you are awesome girl!
You guys are all awesome and thank you so much for just being our friends, praying for Alyssa ad our family during this time and for just being there for us and loving us so much!!!!

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