Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Good Day - Overall

I think we are finally finding a balanced place. Even though my house is still a disaster zone, and there is a pile of laundry and I'm NOT really sure what I'm fixing for dinner (it is almost 5pm)

I am actually feeling like I am getting somewhere. We homeschooled and are getting caught up again. (WELL - not with Alyssa but with the other two) I kind of am hitting the stride with the meds and shots for Alyssa and she IS eating. Things aren't feeling so overwhelming now either.

We went to 4H last night which Alyssa wasn't 100% happy about but she stuck it out anyway.

I still need to work in a little walk or something for her too but we still haven't quite gotten that done. I want her to go back to working with her dogs soon too!!!! But we will make little strides and be happy with what we get. I think she is experiencing a lot of feelings and doesn't know what to do with those sometimes but at least she's getting them out and not bottling.

Also she is having several of the kind of funky side effects to some of the meds (Sore jaw and the crankies from the Prednisone, Some of her tastes are off - she said she could not really taste the pickle she ate earlier etc.) Thankfully though, the nausea is gone and she's eating.

Prayer Request - Please pray that she will be more willing to go back to living her life instead of letting this cancer get the best of her and that she will TRY to use the arm that is near the port site - she doesn't want to use it as it hurts but I feel she needs to exercise it if she wants it to feel better!!!! Also that the headaches would subside so she can do her schoolwork with a clearer head. It is very difficult for her to do it all now.

Praise - I am back to walking everyday I can get out there. Boy does that make me feel better.

Thank you - Goldsmith's for the two frozen meals - can't wait to need to eat them! Also our neighbor's B&G Thomsen for blessing us with the next copay for the Neupogen - that was HUGE!!!!!!!!

To Aunt D, Pam E, Georgie K, Hopfaufs, and everyone who has sent cards and little gifts to Alyssa to brighten her days. She just feels so loved and I love seeing the smile on her face (you know they are rare gems with teens anyway and they seem to have been rarer still with this illness so we love seeing them!!!!!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm so glad to read such a positive post. You all sound like you are getting back to normal.

Be patient with Aly. She has went through a lot, and is probably still needing to sort through some of the emotions, thoughts and feelings that only she can understand and relate to. Giving her the quiet time she needs is so important and healthy for her, too. She'll get back to living the life she had in her own time.....or maybe she'll create a new life for herself.

Going through this life-death experience is liking being reborn, getting a second chance at life, and realizing how precious and fragile life is, and how small we humans are on this planet.

Give Aly the time to sort it all out. She will find her own way, through God's love and her own strength and desire to live.

HUGS to you all,