Thursday, March 12, 2009

More CUTE photos.

So, this is still my goat blog so I had to post some NEW photos of the new additions here at CBF. Here is Theyara (still don't think I'm spelling this right but oh well) with her one floppy ear and her one strait ear. I think she has the cutest face and sweet, sweet personality.
Here is big boy (Gerados, Onix, Charizard) WE still don't really have a name for him - I call him Onix because that is the only one I really like but my son calls him the other two names interchangeably.

Power NAP time - big brother is using little sister as a pillow! They are so cute when they sleep

Aaaah -Belly up to the MILK BAR after a nice long nap!!!!!
Narnia is such a good mommy = after the babies ate yesterday morning I put her up on the milk stand and without even trying got a whole quart. This doe is a milk machine!!!!! And man o man is her milk good - it is slightly sweet and not a bit goatie. *sigh* Miss Priss may have some competition.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That last photo was so cute, with their little bottoms sticking up. lol!

Sounds like the baby goats are good medicine for you during this time. Awwwww :)