Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update PM

Here is the first hat I made with the yarn from the Knit Nite Posse - Thanks Girls - it's a lovely hat. I will talk to the hospital folks about donating hats tomorrow.
This is the Uber cool waiting room in the Peds Surgery area. It also has a great view IF you don't look down (if you look down - it's the parking lot!)

Here is the view from Alyssa's room - LOVELY view of the Sandia - If I wasn't in such a hurry to get home to my other two kids today I would have gotten some lovely sunset photos - Another day!

Alyssa's suite - with a bed for mom or dad and the walls match her hair - REALLY!!! And we didn't even plan it that way - the kid's hair was a hit with the hospital staff too - they all thought is was great that we did a family hair dye to show our support of Alyssa.

This is the hall guardian - a super cute dinosaur with wings and poetry all over it. He's so cute. One of these days I'll get a photo with Alyssa and the other two kids.....
Praise - Thank you LORD for the awesome Dr.s, Nurses and staff in the surgical unit and in PSCU. When we went to surgery we saw Dr. Martin and Dr. Ingle who both made a point to come say HI to Alyssa - she sure felt special!!!!!Thank you for all the great food provided, visits from friends (T&A from church) bearing goodies and my other two kids being in a safe place today so mom didn't need to worry!!!!!
Prayer Requests: A new friend, CC is heavy on my heart. She is also battling cancer (Leukemia) yet she has the most awesome outlook and is just an incredible saint - Please pray for her and her precious family as they walk thru this trial too - she still (not even knowing us!) has made a point to let us know she's praying for us, is willing to be there if we need ANYTHING!!!! What a dear lady she is - I can't wait to meet her. Please also pray for the kiddos on the ward. There are some kids going thru some serious stuff there and my heart really aches for them and their families - this cancer is no respecter of gender, ethnicity, age, income level, religion - it's an equal opportunity aggressor and I pray that these dear families are given peace amidst the storm.
Thank you all for all of your care and concern and for your emails and calls - they mean so much to us!!!!

Alyssa made it thru surgery fine but very tired. She is resting comfy at the hospital with Grandma and Dad is going to spend the night with her. WE had a lovely dinner courtesy of Diane from Aaron's work (THANK YOU!) and LA who made us beans and gluten free brownies.
The kids did great with Lori and got most of their school work done (THANK YOU!)
She now has her port and her Bone Marrow Biopsy. According to Dr. Winter, she may be thru the worst of it now....WE HOPE!!!!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for the update, D.

You are all on my heart and in my mind. Thinking of you and saying prayers and thinking healing thoughts for Aly, too.