Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chemo Update - We are going home!!!

Hope this isn't another false alarm but Dr. Mathew just came in and said he thinks he can write the ticket out of here today - Alyssa looks great and has NO nausea and vomiting. He wanted her to eat something and keep it down (she did have two slices of pizza and two fruit cups last night and kept it down) so she just ate a fruit cup to see if she can hang. He doesn't want to send her home and then her get sick and have to come back. We don't want that either so we will see if she can keep down the food so we can GO HOME!!! Guess I best consider packing and getting ready just in case. Maybe I can make a trip to the car to dump non essentials. It has been a much easier treatment than the last one - they said that does happen. Most people do better after the first treatment. Dr. Mathew said he couldn't feel anything in her neck either. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!! she actually looks good compared to where she was last time at this point in the treatment protocol. Our next check in date is April 17. We have clinic this coming Friday where she gets the 2nd Vincristine dose and has to be on Prednisone, GCSF, and Bactrim for the next week or so plus lots of blood draws etc. Alyssa wants to come back on Thursday night for the Teen support group so hopefully we can do that.
Thank you to everyone who has been bringing food to my family and taking care of us thru this
what a nice thing to be able to be at the hospital and not have to worry about my family at home - that they are well taken care of!
Please pray that she will not get sick once we get home and that this time around it will be a bit easier to take. We seem to be getting into a routine and figuring this all out (once we've got it down- we might be done!!! - But that's a praise report!!!!!) Also continue to pray for K and his family. They are still here and I know he's recovering from his lung surgery.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! Such happy news! God has you all wrapped tightly in his arms. Looks like things can only get better from now on. Whoohoo!