Monday, March 2, 2009

YOU Glow girl!

One of Aly's requests for this little adventure was red hair. So my friend LS came over yesterday afternoon and we had a hair dying day. Yep - Cherry Red was the color of choice and now we are all (except my DH) sporting some sort of red highlights! LOL.
MOM too!!!

And Suzy and Nik too!!!!

Rinsing the dye out and getting conditioned. She also got her laptop but my camara batteries died and I was unable to find the charger and replacement batteries until late last night so I'll have to post that one later. Thank you J&S for the awesome laptop for Alyssa. She is actually not giving us too hard of a time about going in today since she can stay in touch with the world and have some fun while she's at the hospital this week. Also wanted to thank the M family for their delicious meal last night - YUMMY!!!! It was a big hit around her and we almost had to squirrel some away from the kids so dad would have a lunch today!!!!!
Off to the hospital this morning for the Pulmonary Function Test - she has to blow in a tube that measures her output an then we check back into the PSCUnit later today.
For those of you Goat folks wondering - the Doe who was due yesterday = she still hasn't kidded.
She standing out by the hay barn waiting to be fed. Go Figure. She's going to wait until no one is home. Thankfully we have the best goat midwife (our neighbor the Ob-Gyn nurse who is retired) in the world keeping an eye on her.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! I at first thought you were talking about Chemo (Radiation glowing) Jeez! I sure am glad it was red hair you were talking about instead. You all look amazing!

Makes me want to color my hair red, too. I've always thought it would be fun to be a red head.

I'm so glad that so many wonderful folks are taking such good care of you providing meals and things that you need. Sure wish I lived closer to help, and that I could drive and walk, too.

Thinking of you!