Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Living Day by Day

I think I'm learning to be a more flexible person thru this experience. Yesterday the girls wanted to go to the mall badly. So - we were preparing to go as soon as the home nurse drew blood. Well, we go no blood return from the port which means there is some sort of clot or sheath forming around the port (this is the body's normal response to a foreign object being in body).
Since they were able to flush the port they knew that the port didn't have to be replaces (RELIEF!!!!) so we had to go in to get a clot busting drug called TPA put in the port. This whole experience lasted around 2 hours - FINALLY the girls got to go to the mall. We didn't get to go everywhere in the mall but we still made it. And the mom's with 4 other kids to chase after in the mall made it too. I thought there was a possibility we'd come home to more babies but no more babies. I haven't gone and checked this morning but we really could have more any day now.
We sure are having fun with the 5 we have.
Prayer Requests - Please pray we don't have to go TPA again on Thursday - that will make a total of 3 trips to the hospital this week. the copays are racking up and it's a huge drain of time and energy - she gets so down when we have to go in.
Praise Reports - Alyis having so much fun with our friends here it really is taking her mind of this craziness - her BFF went with us to the appt and it made it a bit easier. They won't be here Thursday .
Thank you - to Dr. Walls office and Arrow Animal Clinic for the wonderful cards to brighten the day.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Glad to hear the port doesn't need to be replaced and that Aly's friends are usually able to be by her side through all this. Friends who care make all the difference in going through tough times.