Monday, March 30, 2009

Blessed Day.

Yesterday was awesome. It took a while but we finally came home.

Dr. Mathew told Alyssa to "walk with your head up and back strait - you're in remission now"

Those were the sweetest words this mother could hear going thru this ordeal. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. She really did take this round better than the first round and she appears stronger than when she was released last time. Seeing her smile (lots of big smiles) made me want to shout for joy. Aly still has to go thru one more round of Chemo but it appears we are off the hook for radiation (Halleluja!) but seeing this big, bright glaring light at the end of the tunnel makes it a little easier to take (for mom anyway - I'm sure it's not so easy for her).

This week we still have to take the Prednisone and she has the follow up Vincristine on Friday. That is the one that made her hurt so bad with back and jaw pain last time. But again, knowing she is clear of active cancer right now makes it seems just a little easier to take knowing the end is truly in sight. I know - because of my mom's breast cancer - you never really rest easy and every year you let out a big sigh of relief when they give you the all clear after your annual checkups. I know for her it will never truly be over as she will live with the knowlege in the back of her mind for the rest of her life that it could come back. Thank you P&P J for the precious lamb and Angel pin. Thank you JT, LS, LA and N & E for the yummy meals you provided for my family this weekend. I got some of the leftovers and everything was fantastic and yummy!!!

Also to LB for the gift card for Aly and to C,D,A &J for the gift for Aly. Sure brightened her homecoming to see how loved and supported she is. GOD is sooooo goood and we are so under HIS mercy and grace!

Please pray for K still - I found out he's been in for the past 3 weeks, he's not gotten to go home.

also for another young man going thru cancer, C, who apparently has been at this for 7 years. It does truly bring me to my knees Thanking God for how little we've had to endure compared to some of these other precious kids. You know folks keep asking me what they can do - WE are so taken care of but these other kids and families have to endure SO MUCH- here's a few ideas that you all can do for others and us: Donate money to Children's Cancer Fun of NM 112 14th St. SW ALBQ, NM 87102 - These folks provide vouchers for food, gas, and other needs for families who are spending a lot of time at the hospital. Also give blood - though we haven't needed a transfusion yet (we are praying HARD we don't) they need blood for these kiddos and lots of others who need transfusions - I think how selfish I am not donating blood when I know I am free of diseases and other issues - my blood could mean a big difference for one of these kids. I am going to start donating blood as soon as I can. IF you already do - Kudos to you!!!!! You are awesome!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hallejuah! God is Great! He loves Aly and is keeping her safe in His arms every day.

Just breathe.....