Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chemo Round 2

Well, last night was just plain rough. Despite the correct doses of Anti Nausea medications, she was sick anyway. She was up on and off vomiting from 3 am on - She couldn't go to sleep until around 12pm - needless to say there wasn't much sleeping going on between rounds and her getting up sick etc. Despite giving up coffee, I'm needing some this morning!!!! My mom is going to come relieve me in just a bit and I'm going over to the goat show. I will have to take a change of clothes just in case I need to show my buck or something (Alyssa won't let me back in here smelling like that!!!!) It will be nice to go see everyone and everything going on! I miss my goat and knit groups.
Please pray that Alyssa is able to hold up better this go round so they let her out tomorrow.
She feels pretty icky right now but has gotten some sleep this morning (unlike me - once the sun is up - so am I). Also keep K in your prayers. He is here this go round also. I ran into his Grandfather in the nutrition room late last night - K had just gotten out of his lung surgery.
Uphold him and his grandparents as they go thru this also!
Thank you to BRH for the yummy soup and tortillas for dinner last night and JT for feeding my family at home. Again we are abundantly blessed and well taken care of in the midst of this thing. makes going thru it a lot easier

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww you are so lucky that you can still attend the things that bring you joy. I'm still unable to drive so it's impossible to go anywhere unless someone drives me. So, I kind of just latch on to whatever anyone else is doing...which I do appreciate, but then I miss being independant and doing my own thing, too.

All in good time.....

I hope you enjoyed yourself at the goat show and that your buck won something, too.