Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thank You's

I have a few Thank you's to write but was so tired I couldn't remember to add them. I want to say Thank you to Pam H for the Lasagne's, salad, oranges and books. Thank you to Lori A for the delicious soup and the beautiful music box - need to get a picture and post it! Wow. Thank you J & S for buying Aly a laptop so she can have entertainment, contact with friends and family and that we never have to go thru 2 days of not being able to contact some of our dear friends again!!!!! And that we don't have to rely on the hospital to maybe or maybe not provide us with the computer access anymore!!!! Thank you to Linda and Tara for coordination meals and other necessaries for us. Thank you to all who offered child and animal care, to clean our house or do our laundry, prayer, and support. Thank you to Deb and Les for making Aly a quilt (what a blessing and labor of love) Thank you to my Fiber Posse for keeping me in yarn for making hats to donate for the kids/adults going thru chemo. Thank you to everyone for your advice - we are not in a good space for clear thinking sometimes and you all who have given us advice and shared tips for making this easier are awesome. Thank you to everyone who is praying and has sent us encouraging stories, scripture verses etc. we feel so loved and at peace right now.
Today is our last day of freedom for the next week. I think we are hoping to find a laptop today for Aly to take to the hospital (both places down here were out of the ones in our price range)
I've had a few people tell me they feel bad that they could only help a little bit - NO WAY - every little bit has served to hold us up in the process and we appreciate EVERYTHING - the meals, the prayers, the gifts, the hugs, the encouraging stories, EVERYTHING - no one has played too small a part in this!!!!!

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