Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sometimes you take the good with the bad

We've had 3 of the most awesome days in a row. Alyssa is feeling pretty good overall (no nausea, no bone pain, no headaches etc.) and her blood counts are up again so she is more or less back to living a normal life.....but just when you think you have a handle on things - WHAM! Surprise - another side effect bites you in the UM derrier!!!! She is beginning to notice a small amount of hair loss - again the reality of living with this disease is staring her right in the face. Granted - not much of the hair on her head is gone but she said she noticed "more hair than normal on her shirt today" and she noticed she hasn't had to Shave as much as normal. She now knows that we might be staring hair loss in the face. IT is not pretty. (I still say she's beautiful - hair or no hair but still I know from everyone I've talked to who has been thru it - this is the hardest part, even if you aren't a very vain person!!!!) It's just so OBVIOUS that you have cancer when you loose all your hair.
On the upside she felt good enough to attend her last Starbase La Luz Academy Science class on base today and it was a glorious spring day to be out and about. She also went with her friends the Sedillos to a book store and Target - she got to have fun and that was worth it all!
Now countdown to the Joyce's visit is first and formost in her mind!
Prayer Requests - They said it was possible that her hair could just thin - pray this would be the case but if it is not - just for the wisdom to make it as easy as possible on her (like her siblings NOT teasing her) . Also that the Lord would guard the Joyce's health so that they can come for the visit which would just make Alyssa's day!!!!
Praise Reports - For all the many blessings we've received - WE haven't had to ask for anything - God is just putting in folks hearts and things are being taken care of - it makes it so much easier to know we don't need to worry - we just need to go before HIM with our needs and He is such a loving God who pours out His grace and mercy on us.
Thank you's - to all the folks who send cards daily - they keep our spirits high!!!! Also to the P Family for the gas money - what a blessing!!!! We Thank God for that blessing as well as all of your prayers.

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