Thursday, March 19, 2009

MORE prayer Requests

For those of you who read this often please keep my cousin's Mother in Law in your prayers today. She is going in for her first Chemo treatment today for Breast cancer. She also doesn't seem to have the family support we do aside from her own hubby and my cousin and her hubby/family. But she's a tough lady and I know with prayer and God's hand she will make it thru. It just makes me ache because we know first hand what she's going thru now and I wish I too could be there to help her out but she lives in another State!!! I pray God grows a support system for her that way He has for us. He is good and merciful and know she will be fine thru this tough time. Also pray for another dear friend's stepdad who is being released from the hospital tomorrow. He has been in for nearly 3 weeks (maybe longer) and also doesn't have a lot of family around for him so we want to keep him in prayer too!!!

Also, I heard a rumor that we have more family members with red streaks in their hair -I hope we get a picture of that too!!!! Thanks guys for showing your support for Alyssa is a VERY big way!!!! I know not everyone wants to color their hair with bright red streaks!!!

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