Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Update - AM

We are sitting her waiting to go into surgery - we are 3rd on the docket. Dr. Lemon just came in and met us and said that it would be about an hour. My family said they were blessed with a VERY YUMMY meal by the Allen Family - the kids said especially the Rice Krispy Treats.
Alyssa was given a LOVELY gift basket from Marshall and Melissa that really made her night - I will try to get pics to post later of everything now that I have my camara!!! I felt a little out of sorts without it. Though Aly has requested no pics of her to be posted so if you want pics send me a private email and I will attach pics to send. She got a nice card from Sonny and Dick Traeger and their son who works here as a Physical Therapist (LISA - where is your PT at????)
came by last night.
Praise Reports: Alyssa's PCP Dr. Steward came by this morning to see her and let her know if she needed anything she was here for her - we only met her once and she remembered Alyssa. These Dr.s must have incredible memories. Dr. Rana/Dr. Lemon who are the surgeons this am are VERY nice. And we got one of the better rooms this time - with a real bed for whoever stays with her instead of a very uncomfortable chair to "sleep" in. The Laptop has been awesome for both of us - she has watched movies, emailed her cousins and let me use it to update blog and email friends!
Prayer Requests: Prayer for God's guiding hand over the surgery and they she recovers quickly, Also please pray for Nik and Suzy who are really feeling the stress of the situation - we know they are in good hands today (Thank you LA for taking care of them) and everyday.

Goat Update: Still no babies - Narnia is probably waiting until the middle of the night tonight
so I still don't get sleep - DARN goat!


InHisGrace711 said...

Hi there,

I was just blown away to get the email today about Alyssa. I had not heard anything of her being ill. You are all in my prayers. Just remember that God will carry you all through this. Mine started 09/07/09 and I am still being carried day to day by God's grace. I don't know why either that we and especially Aly has to go through these things but I do know the reward in the end is eternal life by allowing Him to work through us during these times. My heart and prayers are with you all. If you need to talk or need anything, please call on me. Please give her hugs and know that our family is praying for His will to be done and that she comes home soon. Love, In Him, Joleen Baughman

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey D!

Sounds like things are rolling along smoothly. I hope they remain that way and that the results reveal positive news.

My PT is out here in Edgewood, called Active Solutions. I love it there. Doing my exercises in front of a wall of windows within sight of the beautiful mountains and plains, is inspirational.The PT's are great, too. Almost everyone rides and owns horses and other livestock.

Thinking of you...Take Care,