Monday, March 2, 2009

Back in the Hospital and Z is for Zero!

Well, We are back in the hospital again for those of you wanting updates. This morning early we went to UNMH for a pulmonary function test - she did good. Then we went to my mom's for
homeschooling. When we finished we took off to run a few errands and then back to the hospital to check in for the week???(we hope) Tomorrow is our Port implant and Bone Marrow Biopsy scheduled for 10:25 am and of course she can't eat after midnight. After that it is back to waiting and then when the results come in they will administer her first chemo treatment watch her to see how she does and then they will release her - we are praying for the weekend but no promises from the Dr.

When I get my camara up here I'll try to post some photos of the hospital etc.,

Z is for Zero -Remember inthe beginning I said I was doing the Blog Alphabet Challenge to fill in time till the babies come? Well, the doe was supposed to be due March 1. ZERO -no babies. Today - still no babies. Well, I am done with the blog challenge I made it and Unfortunatley I was hoping for the last post to be about babies etc. but nope. So, I decided that I will do the challenge on my Fiber blog - IF you are interested, I will try to post as often as i can - I won't guarentee thru this little adventure we are having I will be regular - so check Fiber Phanatic to learn all about different aspects of Fiber thru a Blog Alphabet Challenge - my link is to the right
Thank you all for sticking with me thru this and for being here to check on Alyssa - I will post baby pics as soon as Narnia has them!!!!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

My prayers are still being said for Aly, D. I'm getting worried, but I know and trust that everything will go smoothly in God's Holy plan.
Prayers being said for you, too, my friend. This is nothing any Mother should ever have to go through.


ps, what a great idea for an ABC Challenge Fiber style. I'll go check that out soon. :)