Friday, March 6, 2009

CBF Nigerians First Babies of 2009

Here is Narnis cleaning off the little girl slightly after birth. She is such a good mommy. She had a bit of trouble trying to push out that giant boy = He's HUGE.
He's the one laying there to the left that is mostly white. He looks just like a Boer to me. If I didn't know better I'd say he was full but I'm sure a Boer breeder would know right away

Here is the little doe - she's a hoot - she has one floppy ear like the Boer and one "erect" ear like her momma the Alpine - she also has brown on her rear - like she got a pair of pants on!!!

Close up of the doe's face - she's so cute. Alyssa named her Theaerah (I do not come up with these names and I probably spelled it WRONG!)

Here is little boy - He's big and hungry all the time and boy is he strong. I was feeling him and his shoulders and chest are HUGE. I think he'll make a nice first time meat goat for Nik - yes, Nik named him but darn, I can't remember and he's asleep.

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