Friday, March 27, 2009

Hospital - Round 2

It's been quite a day! We got to the hospital around 9am and checked into the Oncology Clinic
They accessed her port and drew blood for some numbers (yes, they were high enough) and then went down to Nuc. Medicine for her PET/CT scan. Then back up to Oncology. We had a leaking tube on her port access so she had a messed up shirt. that was a bit insane. We had to have her port re accessed and of course it had to be cleaned etc. to make sure she doesn't get an infection in the line etc. UGH!!!! We got her checked into the PSCUnit for treatment after we went to Subway for lunch (at 2 pm) Poor kid was STARVING because she had to go in fasting.
The PET/CT scan came back GREAT!!!! Big time answered prayer there - they said the tumors looked like little pockets of dead cells. WAHOOO!!!!! We are soo excited. God is so good to us and we are just rejoicing like crazy. Tomorrow is the goat show - I will go for a little while to see everyone and to hopefully watch my Storm (buck) win!!!! Highly doubtful since he's an unshaved mess - hopefully the judge can look past his stinky nasy hairy self and see the beautiful buck he is underneath. We had a winter's last Hurrah! It got COLD and windy nasty (of course -hello, we had babies born -had to get cold and nasty, that's the way it works.

Also - Thank you SR for your second doe purchase - Z6 now CBF CS SG Ammi is now the herdmate to CBF TD SG Pepper.

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