Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today was a great day - I can't post pics from here but I wanted to let everyone know that
our bone marrow biopsy came back NEGATIVE - Wahoo!!!!!!! She is at Stage 2 A....which means that she is fairly localized and has no 'bad" side symptoms such as night sweats, weight loss etc. and no cancer inthe bone marrow.
Narnia the goat gave birth to two babies around 1pm today - My neighbor heard a funny noise in our barn and came to check and then did her amazing goat midwifery. The first baby - boy is HUGE and was kind of stuck and the second is a beautiful little girl. I can't wait until I can post the pics. they are beautiful little Alpine/Boer crosses and they look more Boer that Alpine.
I can honestly say that today has been the best day of all this so far. We are so happy her bone marrow tests came back so good and all the Dr.s were throwing a party downstairs when they came back!!!!!
We also found out that the Lymphoma color is LIME GREEN (like breast cancer is pink) which is one of Alyssa's FAVORITE colors. YIPEE!!
LOTS to praise LORD about today.
Also, we were told that a young girl (my cousins' niece) has her whole class at Hope praying for Alyssa also - Thank you!!!!!
I'd say that this cancer doesn't stand a chance - That is worth some serious praise.
Prayer requests - Tomorrow we meet with Dr. Winter on the Cancer Treatment Plan and then she will start her treatment tomorrow as well so we are asking that the Chemo doesn't knock her down too much so she can go home earlier rather than later - She'd sure like to get home this weekend and see the babies. (So would mom) and she is really missing her dog.
We would reallly like to make it home BEFORE when they are saying - early next week.
thank you LA, Dianne, and Rebecca for the food you sent us - we really appreciate it.

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Laura and Marc said...

Congratulations Alyssa! One major hurdle already behind you. God is with you. We are with you and praying for you all the way. Your mom is right! God is good!