Thursday, March 5, 2009


We finished meeting with the Peds Oncology Dr. a bit ago and he mapped out her treatment plan. Since her lymphoma is localized, she doesn't have those "B" symptoms, and she doesn't have any in her Bone Marrow they are going to put her on an AV-PC Regimen which is fairly "easy" as treatments go - IT has lower doses of the 4 drugs and she may not have to have radiation therapy afterall. For those of you who like to read up the drugs are Doxorubincin, Vincristine, Prednisone, and Cyclophosphamide. She gets two doses (1 X 2 days in a row) of two of the drugs plus one day of a third, 7 days of prednisone orally, and on day eight a second dose of Vincristine. She will have 3 rounds with a PET/CT scan after round 1. IF she responds rapidly with the drugs they will put her thru the rapid responders protocol and she could be done after 3 rounds with no radiation. IF she's slower to respond she may have to do a few more rounds and a round of low dose localized radiation. We of course are praying for Rapid Response. The rounds will go every 21 days. She will start this afternoon. NO idea what time yet. Grandma is staying the night with Alyssa so Mom, Dad, Nik and Sue will go home for some rest and a little baby bonding time with the new herd additions - yes - I will post pics!!!!!
Praises - thank you again for the outpouring of generosity of everyone - meals have been outstanding and we have been well fed. Thank you R , and Nagy's for the yummy food last night saved us from eating hospital food, Thank the LORD for my mom and mother in law for filling in for us so we can get some rest and some "homefront" stuff done and Thank you for the visitors who brighten our spirits, The Sedillo Family for just taking control and making everything run smoothly, and my precious neighbor for playing goatie midwife and safely delivering the twins.
We'd be in trouble without all of you!!!!
Also - Thank you Val and Donna for all the information etc. you've collected for us!!!!
Prayer Request -That Alyssa's Chemo side effects will be mild so she can go home this weekend. She's more than ready to get back to life and not be stuck in the hospital anymore!Also pray for J - a sweet Christian lady who would love more than anything to be a wife and mother in HIS timing. She has been here for us and we just feel very close to her already. Also, that Alyssa; will feel up to the teen group tonight and get some much needed support - a place to talk to other kids about what shes experiencing.

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