Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally Home!!!

WE got a call this morning - Dr. Winter will be in for rounds in 1 hour and he's planning on releasing Alyssa - WE flew up there - Super Grandma stayed with Aly for the night again and
it is so nice to A) see Aly smile B) Hear her voice C) Have her HOME!!!!!!
What a great day. She says she is feeling much better and is eating a little bit and drinking her smoothie. (Doing Big Time Happy Dances) .

Now I just have to remember when to give her all her meds and make sure we are on time for all her appts.
Our precious neighbors Bob and Geri are providing dinner (PIZZA) and we are just planning on
staying home and having a quiet family day today.
Thank you all for your prayers - they worked.
PS - Please continue prayer for that baby I talked about yesterday - we do not know what he has but his family isn't around a lot and I am gathering he's been there since he was born!!!!!!!
Poor little baby. We all were ready to volunteer to hold him while we were there.
I met a young man there from Alyssa's teen group (I'll call him K) please keep K in prayer he has a Cancer in his bones and is in for treatments too (been there all week also) and he is going in next month for surgery on his lungs. I gather he is being raised by elderly grandparents.
Lift him up to our dear LORD too - he's a sweetie - he came by to see how Aly's treatments went and when she got to go home. What a doll!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! Lots going on there with you guys. I'm just trying to catch up. Had a busy week and weekend. I'm so happy for Alyssa that she's feeling better already and that she can now go home.

Prayers being said for her still and for those special kids in the hospital as well.