Saturday, March 7, 2009

Better Now

After a long day the nurses used the anti- nausea drugs to bring Alyssa to a place where she is more comfortable and Yes - even chipper!!!!! Grandma is back at the hospital tonight with her
sweetie -pie. Grandma found something that Alyssa would actually eat - a croissant. YIPPEE!
I ran to the pharmacy which ended up taking an hour to pick up the last few things we had prescribed and need before she comes home. I do believe that she is feeling good enough to
not have to stay any longer than tonight. She said she's ready!!!!!! WE are praying Dr. Winter thinks so too! About Dr. Winter - he's got a reputation - not a bad one! He's the Dr. that wears bowties (Do they still make them?????) anyway, he came in today sans the bowtie and said he doesn't wear them on weekends! He's so cute (for a mature man/Dr.) And what a nice guy - he really cares about his patients. I am glad he's Alyssa's primary Dr. - NOT that any of the other Dr.s would have been less that awesome - I am absolutely sure they would be.
I took a two hour nap with Suzy and we have enough food to feed an army so I'm going to take a shower and do a little bit of the chores I need to do and then RELAX tonight.

Prayer Request - the kiddo in the room next to us is in severe pain - He/she cries a lot and you can tell they just hurt all the time. Of course the nurses try to make him/her feel as comfortable as possible but still - my heart just breaks for this one. Please pray that God would calm the pain of this little one. Also down the hall that we go thru to come and go there is a little baby who has been there at least as long as we have. I see the exhaustion of the parents - please pray for this baby as well and for the parents to be given the strength to carry on. I know this is hard on them and I just wish I could go give them a hug.
Praise - your prayers were heard - God really brought Alyssa around today and is making Grandma and mom happy with her progress so I know she'll get to come home tomorrow.
She even looked GREAT before I left the hospital around 2:30pm. I cried happy tears on the way home

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Leslee said...

I am so excited that she is feeling so much better! I wish I could be there to visit her, but you know how it goes. Sounds like you guys are doing well, as hard as this is, and that makes me glad. She is on all the prayer lists I can think of and even my hair dresser is praying for her! I love you guys and just know that I think about you every single day. We will keep praying!