Monday, March 16, 2009


Today is just one big praise report!!!! Today started out with me getting a walk, getting all my chores done more or less before we started school and the home nurse came to draw blood.
The nurse got there and we got it the first try (accessing the port is obviously NOT an exact science!). We sat down and got everyone's school more or less done. I say less because we have so much catch up with Alyssa that indeed it will be a while before we can say we are there.
Then we got the rest of chores done, and the nurse called with blood results - the counts are going back up - HAPPY DANCE !!!! For many reasons - 1) this means that she is done with the shots (GCSF) after tonight, 2) Alyssa gets to go to town with her buddies the Sedillos and 3) our friends the Joyces get to come visit this coming week and Alyssa will get to see her cousins after 3 weeks of not seeing them! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen such big smiles plastered on Alyssa's face for so long - that alone was cause for celebration! Oh, and on a minor note - I fit into size 16 jeans - a personal accomplishment
Prayer Requests - I know this may seem a bit lame to some folks but those who know me well will understand - Please pray that the Nigie babies are born healthy BEFORE the 27th. I don't want to miss my babies but i also want them to be healthy so it is a balance. All three girls look great and are going to do fine I'm sure! On the other side of it all, Of course if they need to be born on their due dates that is fine as I have the most awesome neighbors willing to pinch hit for me.
I forgot some more thank you's - Thank you KC and LM for the cute Jammies for Alyssa - she will look smashing her next hospital visit. SO cute. Thank you to the T family for the lovely card today. Also H &B for bringing us goat grain when i forgot to get the right grain after buying the wrong stuff. My goats thank you too!

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