Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Organization of the Week - Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

This week's organization is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Their main goal is the cure of blood cancers. This organization is awesome. They have tons of information for folks who are dealing with all of the blood cancers as well as support groups and free disease information. They do lots of fundraisers and help families and people who are going thru these cancers with copay assistance etc. They also have a very unique fundraising opportunity for folks who love to run, walk, hike, bike etc. They train marathon runners, walkers, bikers and hikers and those folks get pledges and raise money at some of the largest marathons in America for the Society.
This past weekend a walker went to San Diego and did a marathon with Alyssa's name on her Jersey. We are incredibly honored by this and want to thank Nancy Jay for doing this on Alyssa and all of those folks who are dealing with Blood Cancers. WE also want to Thank the office staff of the New Mexico/El Paso Branch of LLS for their compassion and support of our family during our dealings with them. If you need any more information on the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society their web address is and the phone number to the local chapter is 505-872-0141. If you are interested in walking, running, biking, hiking to raise money for the LLS please give them a call - I know they'd love to talk to you! They have a lot of other neat fundraisers also so give them a call about any of those: I know there is one involving CHOCOLATE for all you chocoholics out there and one called Light the Night which we are going to try very hard to take part in. Also their Man/Woman of the Year program is a neat fundraiser as well.


NancyinAbq said...

It was my pleasure to walk the San Diego Marathon in honor of your daughter, Alyssa. I've had so many blessings in coming to know her and her journey through Megan's reports. I keep you all in prayer constantly and I am so glad you contacted this amazing organization, LLS. God bless you all.

D. said...

Thank you so much Nancy - knowing my daughter is in so many people's hearts just brings tears to my eyes. She is so precious to us and to see so many folks surround her with love, support, care etc. WOW!!!! You go girl - maybe I'll join you one of these days in TNT! I just met one of your teammates too!