Monday, June 1, 2009

Creede, Colorado

Creede Colorado is a quaint little old Mining town that has been revived as a artists colony/tourist town. It is so neat. It is near the headwaters of the Rio Grande river and boasts some beatiful countryside - There is a lot of fishing, rafting, biking and hiking nearby and for those folks who prefer to shop....
This whole street is full of fun little shops - a bead shop, artsy stores, clothing boutiques, Shops full of everything fishing related or sports related, quilt shops and some darn good BBQ - We ate for the second time at Tommyknockers Tavern and they have some yummy BBQ sandwiches there. MMMMMM Good! It was Memorial Day so we had music and other entertainment and for the rock hounds in our crew - The mining museum - take a trip back in time and learn the history of mining in the Colorado Rockies. They have awesome stones for sale along with other goodies and doodads. The last time we went they had a BIG quilt show.

I loved this little house - I don't know why but it kind of reminds me of a hobbit hole. I is so quaint - It isn't a shop but a home but they made the front room a showcase for one of the artsy shops down the street. The yard is awesome (did I get pics? of course NOT!) It is full of flowers and scultptures like the ones in the very first picture.
If you ever stay up in Pagosa I suggest you go up to Creede for a day - it is worth it! Plus if you like waterfalls, Treasure Falls is right up the road on the way to Creede from Pagosa - worth a stop and short hike to some beautiful falls - we did not stop this time but it is pretty. Also you go thru Wolfcreek Pass and there was still snow up there when we went thru. It was amazing!

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