Sunday, June 21, 2009

AGS Nationals

Well, Nationals was here in NM this year for AGS. SWNDGC was the sponsoring club and the club did a fabulous job of putting on the show - unfortunately for AGS and the club the show as poorly attended. Though - most of the folks who attended had a good time.
The first few days was mostly for the Judges training. I was a handler for the training goats and learned a TON!!!!! I'm so glad I did the handling even though I was bummed at not getting to go through the training. We got to ask questions, feel the goats, and learned a lot of the terminology and how a judge goes about making their decisions - also got sto see what exactly the judges are looking for in a goat and the tradeoffs as well as some faults etc. Thursday was the youth show and there weren't that many kids/ goats (I want to say there were only about 9) But only 3 or 4 herds represented. We ended up having 4 buck shows that day since four very generous judges (Amy Kowalik, John Pfieler, Tim Flicknger, and Renee Furst) donated their time and efforts and the AGS office donated the sanctions for the club!!!! Thank YOU ALL!!!!!
Friday was the All American show which was a whole hour and 15 min. plus the banquet which was very nice! - I won a George Foreman grill AND we got to preview the new AGS website.
Sat was the Jr. Doe show and the Buck show - Storm's Great Great Grandsire was the 2009 AGS National Champion (MCH Lost Valley Tae Bo) and Flying Goat Jazzy Blues *S was the Reserve (UGH - I used to own him - I am so glad I got a free breeding out of him - I will be using that this year) Lost Valley took Sr. and Reserve Champion for Sr. Does and a locally owned doe won Jr. Champion while a local bred doe who is in TX won Jr. reserve.
All in all it was fun I think - It was nice and I'm glad I got to learn all the stuff I did learn. I came away feeling more confident and with way more knowlege than I had before. Thanks to all of the folks who worked so hard to put Nationals on - especially SWNDGC and the Kowaliks, Tim Flickenger, John Pfeiler, and the Judges who came here for the show. And of course Congrats to all who attended and took top honors in their classes and in the Grand Champion ring.

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