Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Colorado

One of my favorite things to do in Colorado is to take pictures of the stately old barns seen around the area. Most of my old barn pics are in the corner of my website pages. I got two more to add since I have more pages we need to finish
One of my dreams is to find some old barn wood and make frames to put these pics up in my house. I love these barns. Most of them are in such disrepair they will likely be torn down - so I preserve them in pictures.

This was off the front porch of the condo looking out at the incredible clouds over the mountains. I was hoping the peaks with snow on them would show up - they might if you click on the picture! The rain clouds forming over the mountains every evening wer so beautiful.

Alyssa took this picture. PLEASE click on it to look up close. This is made entirely of Jelly Bellies!!!! It is hanging in the Pagosa Candy shop on Main street. The store is in a basement. These folks make some of the best fudge and carmels you've ever had and of course my kids love the Jelly Bellies!

This is a stately old hotel in Durango. It is gorgeous and I'm sorry the angle is funny - I had to take it this way so no one would see the Doritos truck parked in front. All in all it was a blast going on this trip.

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