Monday, June 15, 2009

Organization of the Week: Beads of Courage.

Beads of Courage is a program we were just recently introduced to by my cousin who knows the President and Founder - Jean Baruch, RN, BSN. This organization's mission is to provide innovative, arts-in-medicine supportive care programs for children coping with serious illness, their families and the clinicians who care for them. They use art based programs to help children cope with their illness and decrease advers outcomes such as depression, anxiety and distress. Alyssa is the first child in NM to receive beads of courage since my cousin put her in the program. here are the first set of beads she received for all her medical treatments, surgeries etc in March and April. WE need to fill out the forms for May and soon June also. She can bead her own necklaces to tell her story of her diagnosis, treatment and survival of cancer. There are other programs thru Beads of Courage also including Creative Courage Journal Program, heARTful Reflection workshop program, Beads of Courage sibling, Touch for STrengh, Compassion and Courage Bereavement, BEad Caring, and Beads of Courage Camp Bead. Too Cool. I heard from my cousin today that Beads of Courage will be available at UNMH soon and it is NOT just for kids with cancer - it is for kids with any serious illness. Mom is jealous - I love beads and she received a package of beautiful glass beads and other beads creating some serious bead envy here (thou shalt not covet thy daughter's beads!!!!!)
If you want to learn more about Beads of Courage you can visit their lovely website at or contact Jean Baruch at for more information on donating or helping out with programs or if you are a bead artist what you can do to help!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a wonderful program. It's a blessing your sister discovered it and signed up Alyssa. I hope it brings joy and creativity to her life. :)