Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Shaved doe pics.

Here is Chocolate Truffle - One of the twin girls out of CBF Ent's Twinkle Lil' Star and Piddlin Acres H. Calm the Storm - this doe is LOVELY. I am having second thoughts about selling her now that she's shaved. Her stance isn't as lovely as it could be since she didn't want to cooperate.

She is nice and wide, appears to have great body capacity and is usually easy to handle. Of course so is her sister who is already staying here at CBFNigerians.

This is CBF Paint th'Sky With Stars. She is Truffle's sister and is one of the most elegant does we've produced here.

She seems to have about every good trait her sister has as well as being a tad longer. I think Truffles may have a bit more body capacity though. I sure had a tough time deciding between the two - now my hubby is saying - "don't, just keep them both and then decide after they freshen" He's not helping me keep my numbers down here - GO ahead give me an excuse to keep more goats!!!

Okay - I couldn't help but get more pictures of this doe - She is just so pretty and well built!!! She makes me smile.

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