Monday, June 8, 2009

Organization of the Week - Children's Cancer Fund of NM

This week we are featuring the Children's Cancer Fund of NM as our chosen organization - Wow! We got a great response about last weeks organization so I hope this group garners just as much of a response! Our first contact with this group was through the Pediatric Oncology Clinic at UNM. We were there for our first visit and feeling WAY overwhelmed - just getting ready to check into the hospital for our first stay and we were given an envelope with food vouchers for the hospital cafeteria, Subway and a Lobo Card. This happened everytime we went to the hospital for treatment and after every visit Alyssa was given the choice of a prize out of the prize box, Hastings or ToysRUs Gift Card or Bravery Bucks. Of course Hastings or the $10 Bravery Bucks have been her choice every time. This Organization also offers kids and their families snacks and drinks, food vouchers, travel expenses, lodging assistance, Car repair and maintenance assistance, grocery/gas/cabfare gift cards, zoo and aquarium passes, funeral expense help, special equipment and a playroom at the hospital.
To raise money for all of this help they give to families, they put on a ProAm Tournament (Golf) and Gala. It is called the Erin Trujeque Memorial ProAm Golf Tourney in honor of a youngster who died from Cancer but whose life was touched by this group and who loved to golf.
If you want to donate or get involved with the Children's Cancer Fund of NM please go to their website or give the executive director Mary Ellen Kurucz a call at 505 -243-3618 . We adore Mary Ellen so let her know we sent you her way!!!! She is one of the Angels we have encountered during this time. Mary Ellen, if you see this - Thank you so much for EVERYTHING - not only from us but from all the kids and families who are touched by you and your organization - Keep up the good work.

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