Wednesday, January 28, 2009

T is for TESTING

Sorry, again no photograph for this post.
T is for TESTING - something we do pretty regularly in our herd. We love our goats and they take care of us so we want to make sure they are healthy. We began our testing several years ago with TB/Brucellosis. We don't test often for it but we do test periodically as we want to keep tabs on their health. So far we have had no positive tests on our goats - Thank God!
We also began from the beginning testing for CAE - a debilitating disease for goats - it stands for Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis. Again - none of our goats have tested positive for this.
This past year we added Johnnes disease and are planning on testing for CL (Caseous Lymphodenitis) - a disease that attacks the lymph nodes and is marked by abcesses - this nasty one is one that once you have it on your property you cannot get rid of.
It is expensive to test your goats but we know what leaves our herd is healthy and we usually do not buy goats unless they are tested or are from a tested herd. Also, when folks bring their goats here we require testing for at least CAE.
Last year we decided to take the plunge and do our own tests so I learned to draw blood and we began sending it in to WADDL (Washington Animal Disease D??? Laboratory) for the tests.
Not as expensive as having the vet do it but still costly. We believe that since these goats feed our family with good, raw milk and products it is worth the effort to make sure that these girls and boy are healthy and can provide us with quality babies and food!

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