Thursday, January 8, 2009


Kidding Season is bar none my favorite time of year here at CBF Nigerians. I love seeing each new kid make his or her entrance into the goat kingdom and I so love eating breakfast while watching the kids all play, running, bounding,jumping and cavorting around. NOTHING is as cute as a baby Nigerian. These triplets are out of CBF Seredipidy's Laikla and CBF Entei (Stinker Belle, Wendy and Peter Pan residing at Camino Allegre)
This is Malina aka Twinkle Lil Star. She is here at CBF getting geared up for her first kidding.

This is Shakespeare - cute little wether who went to a 4H family here to show.

Dixie - princess of the universe (LOL!) She is quite content after having her fill of milk and a good soft bed to sleep in. Dixie is one of our most playful goats here at CBF - even now with her pregnant belly she is often found on the slide or little climbing toy. She'll probably be up there playing with her kids when they come!!!!

Two of the Triplets (Malina makes 3) This is Crash and Racer who now reside at Lauging Orca Ranch as Mudd Pie and Moon Pie. I so wish I could post more baby pics - I have tons. But these will have to do until kidding commences at CBF (March 1, 2009 is our first due date!)
Our philosophy here is to be there in case we are needed but we prefer a pretty much hands off approach. I stay in the kidding barn until the last baby is cleaned up and I can get their bellies done (dipping cords) and I make sure they are nursing well then it is time for momma and babies to bond. Of course we can't help but be out there as much as possible, who can resist lavishing attention on these adorable babies!!!! AS such, our dam raised babies usually wind up being more like bottle raised spoiled lab goats. Oh well, I can think of worse problems to have.
Thanks for peeking at last years kidding season- come visit us again in March - May when our babies all show up for spring!!!!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey! I Kidded in March and had a Kid, too! lol!
My daughter's birthday is March 5th. She'll be 6. Whew! Where does the time go?

I totally loved seeing pics of Mudd Pie and Moon Pie. They still love to pal around together. Mud Pie has taken an interest in our sweet mini-mancha and enjoys snuggling with her.
I hope to get her bred next month. Hopefully I'll be able to walk and drive by then.

Kool K post!!

Kan't wait to see all the Kid pics in March!