Tuesday, January 6, 2009

J is for JOIE!

So I am sure you all are getting tired of hearing about my favorite Goat in the world Joie - I've bragged about what a good milker she is and I love her color and her pedigreeand about how she's earned her milking star. So i'm going to tell you all how I got her. I was online doing research and kept seeing the same names pop up in the pedigrees of Champions and great milkers - over and over - names I'm sure you all are familiar with: Raja Acres Twink's Pixie or Twin Creek's BH Mariri's Zinnia, Green Gate Cinderella, Or Twin Creeks' BH Baywatch and his sire Brave Heart. So I began in earnest searching for a doe with those lines.....I was resigned to saving up the $400 or more I'd need to buy her and the $200+ I'd need to ship her here. UGH - LONG wait. Well, in the spring, at a show a friend came up to me and said what do you think of this pedigree? It is for a doe I want to buy - My answer after seeing all THOSE exact names on it - Buy her OR I WILL! She bought her. DARN. So later - this same breeder had a pen full of babies I spotted this tiny little Chocolate Chamoisee and asked if she was for sale? What was her breeding (she turned out to be that doe of my friend's 1/2 sister - same dam/different sire) and how much she was.
WOW - I found a gem under my own nose, I wouldn't have to ship her and I was smitten!!!! IF my husband said yes - of course. So as I was carrying her to show DH - another breeder saw her and said I WANT THAT DOE - Sorry - not happening MY DOE!!!!!! Of course DH said I could buy her. So when she was weaned we brought her home. This is a decision I haver never regretted. Despite being a bit sick at the beginning Joie has lived up to her name - MY JOY of LIFE!!!! She isn't perfect but she's mine! I think she's a good milker though could use improvement on the udder attachment and she has a narrow rump but she's had no problems birthing - a large singel doe kid the first year and triplets this past spring. She's healthy and isn't overly friendly .....oh and did I mention I LOVE her color? And if all goes according to plan she will soon be double registered and I'll try for her star in ADGA as well as the one she earned in AGS.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a Joyful post! Jam-packed with admiration for Joi!

What? No picture of Joi??!

What does it mean for a goat to be Double Registered, by the way?