Saturday, January 3, 2009

G is for GOATEES and GINGER cat

This is the barn cat GINGER, who has a very important job around the farmette - mousing. I do not like the little creepy things and it is her and her sister Minty's job to keep our barn clear of the critters - unfortunatelly Minty has become a wanderer (after 9 years - do you think she's bored?) Ginger cat still sticks around and mouses and in between her job she likes to take LONG cat naps on the front porch bench in the afternoon sun) She was just getting up from her nap for this pictures.
AND the winner of the great GOATEE contest goes to Storm (HOOFS DOWN!) Sorry DH, not quite there yet but then Storm has been growing his for nearly 2 years!

DH was in vacation mode for the past week and decided to grow a goatee - but alas Monday is the end of freedom - bummer for him and ME - so sad as he has been working on my website for most of vacation! - I have two pages up on the WWW
Check it out YEEEHAW! Thanks DH!!!!!


Terri said...

Yay website!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great G Post, D! Interesting Goaties, too. lol!

Terrific website!