Thursday, January 1, 2009

E is for EARS.

I LOVE goat Ears. My kid's(2 legged) say I have a bit of a fetish, I even make sure I like the ears on my bucks (kind of wierd huh?) But, I don't like just any goat ears, I like SWISS goat ears. I have to say, that Nubian KIDS have the cutest ears of any goat alive but all in all - I love these ears. (Sorry, La mancha fanciers, I'm not fond of the La Mancha's "lack" of ears)
These plain black ears belong to my Oberhasli, Miss Priss and I think she has the most elegant expressive ears of anyone in my herd.

And these belong to Dixie - Her and Malina (Twinkle) have frosted ears - TOO CUTE!

These are Narnia's - sort of plain with a darker brown around the edges.

and Storm's plain Chocolate ears. I wish he would have stood still for me since he's got cute ears too but he would not. He either ran from me or challenged me. BRAT!!! I hope he throws his CUTE ears on his babies though. I LOVE the shape of Tirzah's ears but couldn't get the perfect shot of her ears so I won't be able to post hers unless i get a better shot. This reminds me, while i was out taking these photos, I thought of what to do for my next project AFTER I finish the Alphabet challenge (Lisa says I'll get tired later on in the alphabet but to keep going - Thanks for the encouragement Lisa) I want to do a whole series on goat anatamy for those of you readers who want to bone up for the upcoming show year's Showmanship classes.


Terri said...

Well, I don't know much about goat ears, but Sam the dog-beast has the softest ears ever! --TTFN, Terri

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What an Encouraging E post, D!

Whatever you decide to post on, I'll try to stop in and check out.

Goat ears are cute, I must admit. But I do like the little elf ears on my mini-mancha. They are fun to stroke and tickle, too. :D

Nubian ears are adorable!