Wednesday, January 14, 2009


O is for Oberhasli. This is the first breed of goat we got into at CBF. I loved their beautiful coloring and smaller size as well as their generally calm, quiet disposition.
We bought a doe named Praline first- boy was that a mistake. That goat's milk was ICK! and she really wasn't great quality. Then we bought Rita - who had great milk but wasn't a huge improvement conformation wise but at the time we weren't showing much so we didn't care.
Rita was pregnant with two does; Miss Priss and Licorice. Both does were black and Miss Priss immediately crawled in my lap and well - she's still HERE!!!! Yep - this skinny, black, goofy goat is Miss Priss. She has great milk and makes lots of it. And despite the fact that we have a hard time putting weight on her, we love her. She may be here until she dies (we tried selling her once and she didn't eat or drink for 4days and the new owner said COME GET HER). Darn goat.
She is good with the Nigies and keeps us in milk most of the year. So far she has had no problems birthing and we just adore her quirky personality.
WE think Oberhaslis are by far the next best thing to Nigerians.......and for my hubby she is Numero Uno. Oberhasli's are another Swiss breed of goat and were derived from the Alpines. Black is okay for does but not for bucks. They are generally quiet and sweet personality-wise.
Their milk is lower in butterfat than most other breeds. Most Oberhaslis come in Chamoisee coloring (Red brown with black legs, face, belly and dorsal stripe. )

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Miss Pris Owns you! She's adorable!
Great O post :)