Sunday, January 11, 2009


This is the Certificate of Joie's for earning her MILKING Star.
of course, right now she is our Star Milker in the Nigies and we are proud of her accomplishments - if you'd like to see the numbers - click on the certificate - it should enlarge.
We have high hopes for Joie's daughter, Malina and Dixie to get their stars this year at Nationals. I think the club Milk test is too soon after kidding - I may not be able to get them on test then.
Also, I am currently trying to go through the program at Langston DHI to become a certified MILK TESTER for NM along with one or two of my friends. IT should be fun as we will be able to do 305 day testing or 1 day tests. HOPEFULLY that will mean a lot more goats with stars in NM.
AH MILK - the whole reason CBF NIgerians even came into existence. We wanted our own fresh clean milk and dairy products - as well as soap. This is our milk shelf in the fridge - yep -lots of milk and this is only from ONE goat (the Oberhasli) Imagine how full this will be this summer when we are milking an Oberhasli, Alpine, and 3 Nigies. I don't think the new BIG refridgerator will be big enough!!!LOL. Actually the Alpine might be leased out to a couple who wants milk but not the hassle of kidding etc. and I am considering putting one more milking Nigie up for sale which will be HARD. Need to see how the two youngsters compare - the best milker will stay and the other will become available.
WE love the MILK and all the wonderful products we get to make: cheese, yogurt, kefir, ice cream as well as the milk for all of our cooking is our own wonder goat milk.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Marvelous Milk Post!

That Milk looks so rich and creamy delicious!
I still want to try some fresh goat's milk. I'm scared to buy storebought because I'm sure it won't taste as good as fresh.
When you come up here, maybe you can bring some???

I'm also wanting some more goats milk soap, too. I'm using the last bar now :(