Thursday, January 22, 2009

Q is for QUEEN of the herd.

For those of you who don't know this, there is a definite hierarchy in the Goat Kingdom. With the Alpha goat as QUEEN. The QUEEN goat is the one who basically keeps the rest of the herd in order. Usually when you bring in a new goat everyone has to challenge each other and that involves a lot of posturing and head butting (usually not hard and dangerous - just challenging). IN our herd the QUEEN is Miss Priss (yes, Lisa - she owns me and the whole herd!!!! LOL!) IF you have more than a few milkers - you know you always milk the QUEEN first or you could be in for PROBLEMS!!! I find it kind of funny that Miss Priss isn't the biggest goat but she is still head honcho....So far the Alpine (Narnia) hasn't knocked her off her throne.
Miss Priss is the most Senior Doe here and has been here the longest and in her mind - that's enough for other's to respect her. Willow, when she was here was really the QUEEN (don't tell Miss Priss) but she let Miss Priss think she was in charge. I thought for sure Dixie would try for the throne but she seems quite content with Princess of the Universe status. She's cute, she knows it and that's all there is to it. Who is your herd QUEEN?

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Luna, our Angora, hands down. She's our oldest goat and she was the first goat we got (a rescue).

Luna even rules the sheep, of which she barely tolerates.
And she only allows the other goats and sheep to get close to me, if she's gotten her attention first.

It's funny I never really thought much about this before.
When we had the other two angoras, we bought from Kat, Luna was still the Queen, but all 3 angoras rules and bossed the other animals around. They were like gangstas! lol!
Things are much quieter now that the other two angoras are gone.

Though I do miss them sometimes, especially Cloud, the wether.