Tuesday, January 27, 2009

S is for SOAP.

S is for SOAP...ONE of the main reasons we got into goats (besides all of the yummy cheese, milk, ice cream etc.) I was already make soap when I got the goats, but I was using the melt and pour. I sooooo wanted to learn to make it from scratch - you know - the old fashioned way!!! I was and still am to a certain point very enamored by the whole do it yourself thing. I probably would have felt right at home (MAYBE) in Laura Ingalls Wilder's day.
About a year into getting my goats my precious Hubby signed me up for a soapmaking from scratch class through UNM Continuing Ed. And now I'm a soap maker. I even sell quite a bit
at craft shows and to a few loyal customers (Thanks you all!!!!!) as well as give soap workshops of my own to goat owners who want to learn. UNFORTUNATELY, these computers aren't scratch and sniff or you'd be able to smell the Lovely Lavender scent of this batch of soap.
I make about 6-8 varieties and try to come up with a new one every year and typically discontinue those that don't sell well. IF you'd like to order soaps from us - feel free to drop us an email at NMgoatgal@gmail.com - our soaps are $4.00 for a large bar of soap and YES we do ship out of state!!!!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

My soap stash is getting low, too. I only have one bar left. I love the Cleary soap as well as that chocolate soap. Looks like I may have to order some and have it mailed pretty soon. :)

Your soap is wonderful!