Monday, January 19, 2009

P is for PREGNANT Goaties

P is for PREGNANT goaties. I love watching these little bellies growing. I sit around and look at the does and their ever growing bellies and wonder - how many are there? What color will they be? Will they deliver right on their due dates? Will I be there to watch the blessed event? AHHHHH - and of course their are the trepidations.....will they all be alive? Will I get ALL BUCKS (talk about a NIGHTMARE!!!)? Will they be healthy? Have I fed them enough to keep them all healthy? I hope no one is breech (had that last year - no fun!!!!) I hope no one is stuck (had that the year before - NO FUN!!!!) Yep, this is probably the most stressful and wonderful time of goat ownership. This little pregnant belly belongs to Twinkle Lil Star....she is bred to Storm for babies due March 27, 2009. she is also the one with the smallest pregnant belly - if we get two I'll be happy, If we get one I'll be happy especially if it is a doe.
This is our little visitor, Shihara - today is her due date and NO BABIES! hubby says yeah - tonight at 1am when it's cold she'll have them. I think she has a single kid and she too is due to Storm. We are watching and waiting with much anticipation for Storm's first kids of the season.

This BIG pregnant belly belongs to Narnia - she is MY first one due and she is due to kid March 1st. Most folks probably wonder what we do during pregnancy. Well, if the doe isn't milking we cut out the grain completely and feed them a combination of Alfalfa and grass. I think it must be working as all the girls have beautiful soft fur and look healthy enough. We give them their BoSe shots and CDTs one month before kidding...That means Narnia is due for her shots around March 26th.since February is a short month. We will also trim her feet and worm her one last time before kidding. She is bred to a Boer buck and we are hoping for twin bucks so the kids can show market goats. Before kidding, we clean out our stall real good and fill it full of fresh, clean straw. It's going to be a juggle this year since the three does are due all in one week.

This pregnat belly belongs to Dixie. She's much rounder than Twinkle but smaller than Joie. She is due March 29, 2009 also bred to Storm. She is beginning to show a little bit of an udder also. Normally I don't see this until 2mo to 6 weeks prior to kidding but we are still 2+ months for this one so she's early.

This big round belly belongs to Joie - Amazingly this doe is almost as big as she was when she kidded with triplets last February. I am truly wondering how many are in there as she still has nearly 2 months and a week to go and they usually do the most growing in the last 2 months. She already waddles and looks uncomfortable - I remember those days well - Poor Joie! She was a trooper last year and delivered 3 healthy babies - the first one, Twinkle, was breech presentation and I had to pull her out....Hopefully not again! Joie is due March 25, 2009 and is bred to my friend Darlene's buck Tapdance. I am beginning to get very excited for kidding to begin in about 5 weeks but at the same time - I'm kind of glad for the little break from all the work I have right now. I know that will change soon- probably as soon as Shihara moves back to her rightful home....I will have to dig out the stall, add lots of sand and straw and be ready for the first set of babies.....until then I'll be dreaming of bouncing baby goaties!!!
Tell me about your doe's pregnancies? How many will you have kid this year?

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! It's going to be so much fun at your little farm soon! I wish I lived closer so I could come watch and play with all the kids!

As for me, I've decided not to breed Latte yet. With me not even being able to walk and told that I won't be resuming normal activities until August I don't think its wise to breed Latte when I won't be able to get up to the barn as often as I should and milking and baby care will be too difficult for me.

So, it looks like Latte is off the baby hook until next year. sigh.
And I was so looking forward to seeing little babies with elf ears, milking, goats milk soap, etc.