Thursday, January 8, 2009

K is for KIDS!!!!!!

KIDS and KIDDING SEASON - my favorite time of year around the farmette. I love to look out over breakfast and watch all the bouncing babies running jumping and playing together. There is nothing better. Right now we are about 7 to 8 weeks away from our fist set of kids who are due to arrive March 1, 2009. This is Malina (Twinkle Lil Star) from our 2008 kids
Twins and their momma (Dixie and Shakespeare - two of our favorites)


Triplets out of CBF Serendipidy's Laikla (Stinker Belle, Wendy and PeterPan) and our buck CBF Entei. (all but Entei are residing at Camino Allegre)

Dixie - I so wish I could post more pics as I have lots more of the kids. WE just love to snuggle and play with our babies - as such (and because we have such a small herd to begin with) our babies usually act more like bottle raised babies and not dam raised babies which they are. Sometimes we have one or two who don't want to be "social" but for the most part - we have super friendly kids.

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