Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TinFays Cleopatra Home At Last!

Cleo finally got to come home. She's weaned and is here making friend's with her new buddy Hope! It has been really hard to wait for her to be weaned and come home but here she is!
No updated photo shoot would be complete without our mandatory butt shot - I mean Escutcheon shot!
Look at that long strait back and neck! She looks like a little deer wandering around the goat pen. And wow is she uphill like her beautiful sire Gideon. LOVELY angularity and the dairy character is all there.
Cleopatra is a wonderful collection of some wonderful Bloodlines that all sort of fall into my herd very nicely and she brings in some much desired bloodlines that I have admired for a long time now! She has the Peaceful Voyage and Baywatch from her Dam's side along with some of my favorite Twin Creek's and Piddlin Acres animals which is already in my herd through Storm, Joie and Tirzah. And she brings in the Rosasharn's bloodlines through her Sire - Rosasharn's HB Gideon *S *B. There are lots of milking stars, *Sire's and Dam's and around 10 ARMCH's. Including Rosasharn's TL Arwen, Tiger L, Elfin, Buckwheat Honey, and Eclipse and Goodwood WaterLilly, Kauri Tree and Tom Thumb.

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