Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alyssa Update.

Yesterday was another very interesting Hospital day for us.
Our first appt was at 8 am (that's what time I usually milk goats - hah!)
to get her IV in and her labs drawn. While we were there they informed us that our insurance wasn't going to cover our CT scans. OH! Great! Sooooooo we went anyway and at the last minute were informed that no indeed - we'd have to wait until June for them to cover the CT scans.
So we had 3 hours before our next appt - which was at 1pm for a DEXA (bone density) scan.
Alyssa got a new bathing suit for Camp Enchantment (Camp for Kids with Cancer) which she goes to at the end of the month. We also have more tests on May 20th which include the ECHO and Pulmonary Functions tests. Then we should be meeting with Dr. Winter for our next move (game plan?) Oh, and this month is CLIFF's Amusement Park. The kids are sooooo looking forward to this one.....I guess you could consider it a perk to having a kid who had cancer (thanks but I'd skip Cliff's and Cancer if I could!) if there is such a thing. HOPEFULLY I will remember to get pics this year but I'm not counting on it. I am the milk tester for SWNDGC One Day Milk Test and will be driving back and forth to the canyon on top of going to Cliff's , I am not counting on having my brain fully functional.....But it will be a fun FULL weekend!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well poo! Darn insurance makin us jump through hoops and follow their silly rules.

Let me know when you'll be up here so we can meet up. :)