Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back in Business!

Our milk supply was quite small and most of my soaps have sold but we are back in business. Miss Priss is milking 1/2gallon plus once a day and Tirzah is milking about 3/4 quart 2X a day so I'm making soap and cheese. Here is my first batch of soap out of the molds.
This one is Gluten/Wheat/Corn Free Lavender with a slight purple tint from Mica.
My kitchen smells so good!
I also just made a batch of Cucumber (this one is not gluten/wheat/corn free.) The soap will be ready for sale in about 4 weeks. IF you would like some - get your orders in now! The gluten/wheat/corn free soaps don't last. Neither does the cucumber scent for that matter.
G/W/C Free soaps are $6.00 a bar and the Regular bars are $5.00 a bar. They are over 4 oz each. Some smaller bars are available. Next batch is G/W/C Free Lavender Peppermint.

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