Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shaved some goats just to see!

Here is a shaved picture of little Hope. Wow. What a lovely doe under all that lovely soft hair. BUT what really surprised me was her color. She looked like a regular Chamoisee under all that but now she looks ALMOST like a carbon copy of her dam.
and Granddam. She also sort of cooperated with the picture session which is nice since the last time I tried to set her up she just turned into jelly and flopped onto the ground. Maybe she realized we weren't actually trying to kill her. Also - it's apparent she eats well. NO, I don't think that was ALL body capacity - she's just a piggy!
I think we need to learn to use the zoom on the camara a bit but here's a nice butt shot of Tirzah - er ah - ESCUTCHEON. Any way - she's not full but still she's so pretty all shaved up.
That's my pretty girl. I sure do adore her. She has been a real blessing to my herd and I'm enjoying milking her and having her daughter around.

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